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Twenty Minutes to Transform Your Life

Recently I was talking to one of my yoga mentors who recommended that I begin doing silent meditation.  I was feeling really freaked out about some things and I wasn’t sure what to do next.  My thoughts were relentless and I couldn’t stop worrying and wondering what I needed to do next.  Honestly, I thought that if I continued constantly berating myself with worry and fear I wouldn’t be fully functioning and wouldn’t be serving anyone.  So….even though I used to practice silent meditation years ago and quit because I was bored by it, I gave it a go again, and I’m so glad I did.  I started with ten minutes and then increased it to 20 although sometimes I shorten the duration depending on what I have going on.  As I began to meditate daily, the worry and fears that were dominating my thoughts all day long began to fade away.  Suddenly, it became very clear to me what I was truly passionate about at this moment.  And here it is: sharing the beauty of yoga and meditation with others so other people can discover inner peace and contentment no matter what is happening in your life and around you.

To hear how silent meditation made an impact in one person’s life, check out Kyle Cease’s 100 Day Self Connection Experiment where he records daily videos about his experience.

Why am I recommending silent meditation?  Because when we’re silent and sitting with ourselves, suddenly the next move becomes crystal clear, revelations and a-ha moments pop up, creative ideas brim to the surface.  Nestled on both sides of these amazing moments are thoughts and lots of ’em.  At least, that’s my experience.

How to get started?  It’s simple.

Sit on a comfortable chair or sofa.  Place your hands in your lap or besides you.  Turn off your cell phone.  If friends or family are around, I suggest going to a room, closing the door, and putting a “do not interrupt” sign on the door or letting them know you need some time alone without being interrupted.

What’s going to come up?  Thoughts and more thoughts.  And that’s ok.  When we’re thinking thoughts, that’s our body’s way of releasing stress.  Please don’t stress out about having thoughts and getting your mind to be still.  No matter what you experience, and it changes every time you sit down to meditate, is ok.  There’s no right or wrong way to do this, except not doing it at all.

You might be thinking, “Twenty minutes is way too long.  There’s no way I could sit that still.”  If you’re new to this, then I recommend starting with one minute the first week and adding another minute the following week.  Continue to add one minute each time you start a new week.  By building slowly week to week, you acclimate yourself to meditating in silence.

All too often we turn to books and other people to find the answer to whatever it is we’re questioning.  The answer is there, and it’s within you.  Give this a try and see where it leads you.  Please post any thoughts or shares.  I love hearing positive stories about people’s lives.

Happy meditating!

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