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A Simple Breath Awareness Exercise

Mindful Breath Awareness
This morning I attended a class on mindfulness.  We practiced a breath exercise that’s a little bit different to the way I do it, (I normally breathe in and out through my nose) but I want to share this because it’s always good to have a lot of different ways to calm the breath.

Inhale 3 counts through the nose.
Hold for one count.
Exhale for 6 counts through the mouth.

When we inhale through the nose, it warms and filters the air and allows the oxygen to go into our lungs.  When we breathe out through our mouth, it signals to our body that it is now time to relax and decompress.  This is a great exercise to try anytime you start to feel yourself getting upset or when you want to wind down at the end of the day.  Happy breathing!

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