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A Progressive Relaxation Kindness Meditation

I love my daily Kundalini yoga practice.  It was during the relaxation part of my sadhana that this meditation came to me and I thought I’d share it with you.  Being able to fully relax can be challenging.  Why not fully recharge yourself and feel great at the same time?  Try it and let me know if you feel a little more loving and kind to yourself afterwards.

A Progressive Relaxation Kindness Meditation

Begin by taking three deep breaths.  In through the nose and out through the mouth.  Imagine yourself by a clear, crystal lake.  The sun is shining and light is bouncing off the water.  The air is warm and you feel comfortable and relaxed.  You walk into the lake and float effortlessly.  As you lay there soaking in the sun and warmth, you imagine your feet filling up with kindness.  You draw your attention upward and feel your legs filling with ease.  Your bottom becomes filled up with groundedness.  You continue to move up your body.  Your belly becomes full of strength and courage.  And now you focus on your heart.  You fill your heart up love.  Moving upward still to your throat.  You fill your throat with truth.  Rising upward now to your face and head.  Fill your head with peace.  As you lay in the lake, feel your body filled with all the positive, kind words you thought during the meditation.  When you are ready, float your eyes open.


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