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Fill Your Cup With Love, Blessings, and Gratitude



At the end of December people begin to think about what their New Year’s resolutions will be for the upcoming year.  Several weeks later those resolutions are broken.  Instead of focusing on that, I invite you to try something different, like welcoming love, blessings, and gratitude into your life and seeing where that leads you.

Every day I engage in an activity called soul writing.  It’s a deeply gratifying process where I write to my Voice or Higher Self.  I ask the Voice a question or topic that I’d like to talk about, and then I write to myself from the point of view of the Voice.  I never cease to be amazed by the amount of wisdom and advice I receive.  Although this is a practice I have done for many years, I dove deeply into it and became more committed to this practice while reading through the book and participating in the online course The Lotus and the Lily by Janet Conner.

Soul writing is a deeply engaging process that has taught me much about living an authentic life each and every day.  Some of the wisdom that was written down on the page is all about filling my cup, or in this case my heart, with love, blessings, and gratitude so I can live a joy filled life.  Here is the meditation so that you, too, can experience an abundance of love, blessings, and gratitude in your life.

Filling My Cup With Love, Blessings, and Gratitude

  1. Begin by closing your eyes and taking three deep breaths.
  2. Think of something that you truly love and say to yourself, “I love <complete the sentence.>” Allow the feeling of love to fill your heart.
  3. Think of something that you are blessed to have in your life. Think to yourself, “I am blessed to have <complete the sentence.>”  A variation on this would be to bless a person, animal, place or object in your life.  In that case, think to yourself, “I bless <blank> for <complete the sentence.>”  Allow the feeling of blessings to fill your heart.
  4. Think of something that you are truly grateful for and think to yourself, “I am truly grateful for <complete the sentence.>” Allow the feeling of gratitude to fill your heart.
  5. Remember: the key point is to not just think the thought, but to truly feel it and to fill your heart with that feeling.

When thinking of your three sentences, you may decide to group the sentences along one theme.  Here’s an example around the theme about art.

“I love painting.  I am blessed to have the space for a studio in my house.  I am truly grateful that my husband fully supports my pursuit of making art.”

You may also decide to choose sentences that do not fit along one theme.  Here’s an example.

“I love the company of my two cats.  I am blessed to hear the birds chirping when I go on my walks.  I am grateful to have the time and opportunity to make art.”

Sometimes it’s a nice practice to bless the people, animals, places, or objects that bring blessings, joy, and comfort into our lives.  Here are some example phrases.

“I bless my daughter with a life filled with joy, wonder, and excitement.”

“I bless the land for its beauty.”

“I bless the tools that I use to make paintings.”

I recommend practicing this at least once every day.  Find a consistent time to do this.  I prefer to do this practice right before going to bed.  It ends the day on a beautiful, uplifting note.


  1. Beautiful post. By following these simple but powerful words, love, gratitude & blessings on a daily basis our life experiences will deepen and our joy bank begins to fill and spill over into the world . WHen we change it resonates close by and far reaching…. Thank you.

    1. Katherine, that is the one thing I forgot to include – how this practice leads to joy! That’s what it’s all about.

  2. What a wonderful practice. I want to say I will try it but try is not quite the right word. I want to add this to my life.
    Thank you. I feel blessed to have met you and have you in my life.

  3. Catherine,
    I talk to my OTS – Own True Self 🙂 a lot too. Along with many other muses and guides. And yes the information that comes back is so often amazing. I love the idea of doing this practice before I go to bed. I usually do something similar as part of my morning ritual but it’s more connected to my day. I’ll try ending my day with this too. Thanks.

    1. My one challenge is following through on all this amazing advice. I found this particular practice easy and memorable for me to do. I’m glad you’re benefiting from listening to your OTS!

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