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The Benefits of Committing to a Daily Practice

Having a daily sadhana, or yoga practice, has changed my life.  Before I began doing the basic spinal energy series, I lacked the confidence to look for a job because of fear that had been crippling me since quitting my last job a little more than two years ago.  This particular kriya set gave me the confidence and the fire to let go of the past and forge ahead on creating a new life for myself.  I applied for a job, was interviewed immediately, and got the job all within a week.  Now I feel ready to conquer anything I set my heart on achieving. (Here’s the kriya I do every day:

That sounds pretty incredible, almost too good to be true, but that’s what having a daily commitment to my practice was able to achieve for me. Oftentimes people set a New Year’s resolution that can’t be kept, and yet, if there is something that we can commit to for ourselves that has real value and meaning, it can have a big impact on our emotional well-being.  We become our biggest cheerleader.

Today, I encourage you to think about one thing that has deep meaning for you that you can add into your schedule, even if it’s only for five minutes.  Then, make a commitment to do this one thing every day.  If you can’t do it because you become sick or physically unable for whatever reason, visualize yourself doing it.  During my 40 day sadhana, I had surgery and was unable to do yoga so instead I imagined myself doing it.  As soon as I was able, I was back on the mat.

If you’re not sure what has deep meaning for you, here are a few writing prompts to get you started:

What always makes me laugh is…

Doing  <fill in the blank> always puts a smile on my face.

When I was a kid, I loved to…

Write quickly.  You don’t need to worry about grammar and please don’t judge what you write.  Just get it on the paper and see what comes up.  Pick whatever resonates most with you and then add the activity into your day.

After that, watch all the miracles unfold in your life, and I guarantee you, there will be miracles!


  1. Catherine, thank you for this gentle reminder. Nothing like yoga to move mountains of resistance is there 😉 Thank you for your light!

    1. You’re welcome, Gena. I think it was the commitment that also made the big difference for me. Even after I completed the teacher training I still felt a ton of fear. I think the shift occurred when I made the commitment to myself that I was going to do the practice every day. Plus I find this combination of yoga postures really invigorating. If you have a daily practice, I’d love to hear all about it!

      1. I did do yoga daily and it changed my life, I must admit. Now I do a bit morning and evening and in between i do other things… yet your advice is great for moving forward so i am going to take you up on it; thank you. I also try to do art , if not daily, regularly… Here is a month-long project to jump on! Even if it has already started… you can do it in your own time 😉

        1. Thanks, Gena, for the link. I’ll take a look. I think there’s a great synergy between yoga and art, and a lot of artists practice yoga. I think it’s because all of it opens our creativity and openness to trying new things.

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